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Unseen lyrics : "Left For Dead"

10-26-2005 it marked the day
2000 soldiers died
We all live in fear day after day

As global warming is on the way
Put a bullet in you gun
And Point it at your head

Sometimes it seems we're already dead
New Orleans suffered devastation
And from the graves

The dead have risen

Some times it seems we're left for dead

So much hopelessness and destruction
We must rise up open our eyes
Make a change before we die

We are left for dead if we don't try

Plane strikes the target

Was there a bomb?
Detonation leads to crumbling
See the hole

In the wall of the Pentagon
Bodies gone
No bones or metal remains

We all have a right
A right to choose
Interpret what we see on the news

Religious wars, racial hatred
The truth is $#&@ing suffocated

Well can't you see
It's $#&@ing getting darker everyday!!
How long can our world subsist

Will the madness subside
Will extinction rain down from the sky
3,2,1, now or anytime. We could all die.

We're left for dead if we don't try
Poisoned or pure
It's left for dead if we don't try

There's no escape ha
We're left for dead if we don't try
The poor, the rich are left for dead

If we don't try.

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