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Unseen lyrics : "Explode"

Theirs something I should get off my chest
I'm losing my mind and my life's a mess.

Well everyone says do this and do that
Maybe they're right
I feel like I'm gonna.......

It is so big yet I feel so small
It's even in your shopping mall

Is my life wasting away
Don't throw it away that's what they say
I don't wanna go out and fail

Yet I fail at home every day
I wonder someday if I'll look back
With regrets on how I lived

Each way I turn I turn my back
Each time I turn I always look back
I'm trying to please everyone I don't know how

I feel like I'm gonna..
What should I do I really don't know

Should I stay home or should I go
Well I'm struggling with my sanity
Is my life crumbling in front of me.

Do you know how it feels?
To feel like your gonna explode

Do you ever feel
Like your gonna explode.

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