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UNONIMUS : Around Enemies lyrics

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UNONIMUS lyrics : "Around Enemies"

Look around . . .you see all these snots next to you?
Believe it or not, they're scheming a plot just for you
They say they're your friends and treat you like God's best just to

Take advantage while you still think it's just all vegetables
Carrots and peas, whatever, you never can see reality
Bet you can see the pleasure in everything you've found to be

Fame and admiration, respect for just being how you be
Yeah, they'll always be there, unless they don't need your talents
Because you ain't nothing to them, you're just another tool

Another pawn, another piece to their newest puzzle fool
Man, why can;t you see their using you?
Can't you see they only even noticed you because you know how to beat a Rubik's Cube?

Didn't mean to get that personal
But what's so wrong with a nerd keeping a rap journal?
In a middle school of cynical and idiotic imbeciles

Who brag about their clothes and then kid about their genitals
Guess I don't fit their rapper image
I don't wear the freshest styles or get the baddest women

I'm a skinny average kid with a different hat of tricks
And a rabbit up his sleeve and a fist that hasn't hit
I hear, but without listening

And don't try to talk, 'cause I fear that I'll sound differently from them
So now my brains full of foul memories
I guess that's what I get for hanging around enemies

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