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UNMASKING THE BETRAYER : Avernus Catacombs lyrics

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UNMASKING THE BETRAYER lyrics : "Avernus Catacombs"

Eyes opened, I stand up, not sure of what I see.
I'm stranded, forgotten, waves crash upon my feet.
My hands bleed, I feel weak, my mind is far from clear.

I may sink, but never will I admit defeat.

Recurring energy returns.

Inside me hides a tidal surge.

The lightning burns me, but pain is beneath me.

I am the wielder of the ocean, Poseidon.
The seas will rise and your mountain will crumble.
My brother, relinquish your throne.

I invoke the effigies of old, to release my rage upon this world.

I carry the Seal of Olympus to bind your soul in flesh.

I am the Judicator, Torrent of the Divine.

I am your new faith.

Answer and bow down to the power that rests in me.

My voice be heard, plant my seed inside the earth.
My liquid grasp begirds the solid grounds that gave you birth.

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