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UNLV lyrics : "Local 580 'fuck Tha Police'"

[Chorus: Ms. Tee]
$#&@ tha police, they took so long to come
So ^!$$%'s grab yo gun, $#&@ the police

So where they at where they at
So ^!$$%'s bring yo gat

I'm runnin' from the police they after me

I ain't goin' down try'na fix me with a case
Try'na strap me in that underground
Runnin' and shakin' it I'm movin' like the runnin' man

Tec's in my chest and Amide in my $#&@in' hand
B.G. on a run peepin' out a $#&@in' alias
Busters got me covered there's some gangsters out that tenth

I caught two-o seven two fourteen and two await
I'm gettin' blunted out with them ^!$$%s in the $#&@in' gate
I got on my all black steady walkin' up Inferred

Under my black there's a $#&@in' tec
(*##$es talkin' %#@! runnin' off at the mouth
Some hoe just snitched on my honeycoon hideout

Now I got to travel long police still rollin' free
Criminal at fourteen I'm thinkin' what the $#&@ to do
Boo-koo on the ramps I don't care if I die

When I was setup say good-bye to the good guys
I think it's time for war they increased violence $#&@ the peace
Comin' out the alley with my gear bustin' at the police

I'm try'na hit 'em I'm try'na leave they brains on the floor
They try'na play me like a hoe from the Local 5-8-0
But ain't no days like that where I'm from

If they want some bests believe them (*##$es got's to come get some
A ^!$$% gettin' busy in the computer my name is lifted
$#&@ them blue terr wears and the $#&@in' second mission

On my dick try'na take me down underground
Try'na blame me, try'na frame me they try'na get me
They won't quit they just won't quick

They try'na stick me with some %#@! that I didn't commit
$#&@ tha police

[Mr. Ivan]
Ain't this a (*##$ they try'na make a ^!$$% jump up
Shoulder slug blast and kill a $#&@in' cop up

Bout to hop in some hot %#@! that Ticker Ticker!
Catch me, catch my black $$#, but they wanna try to strap my $$#
The surveillance, from the he say she say %#@!

$#&@ what'cha said cuz ya wind up a dead (*##$
He pulled out the Luger cuz he crooked and wanna do me
But let's see a real player, keep up on what they doin' to me

Pushin' the chronic, that %#@! to make yo pocket's fat and
If you right plan to use yo gat, then we plan to run mud on them
Lil' piggy's, that mean I'm comin' out dead or alive comin' get me

(*##$ don't tell me %#@!, ya need to wear yo $#&@in' vest
If I get a seeker I'm a knock yo badge of yo chest
$#&@ the task, the F.B.I. and yes I'ma do yo sheriff

I'm called the courier that's the one to blow ya
Time to get a nickel for the %#@! that I did
Mother$#&@er drop it, Ya see Ivan think you can $#&@ with me


[Ms. Tee]
Now why the $#&@ the police is on my block
Try'na sit me down, sayin' ya $#&@in' sellin' rock's

But I know the #~!!@ $$# (*##$es put it one me
Cuz they couldn't find my stash cuz nobody knows
I keep my rock's in my #~!!@ hole

Cuz I'm a (*##$ so ya can't touch uh I miss and never muffer
Touch in the wrong way and I stab ya in yo gut
Like stuckin' to $#&@in' I take my nine and I pluck 'em

Snipin' $$# ^!$$%, like to get over
One will and have my weight over my shoulder
Stupid $$# (*##$es always puttin' a ^!$$% down

That's why I never let them mother$#&@ers around
So check it, when we need 'em
They take so long to come uhh and

The damage is done uhh, so when we need 'em they
Take so long to come, cuz they diggy doggy dumb man $#&@ the police

[Black Jack]
Project life, with the rat and the roaches

Tell me if ya ready when the danger approaches
Crack fiend's triple beam, like it's on the scale
Close yo eyes, forever may you rest in hell
Gettin' out the ghetto is only a dream in most cases
Never had nothin' but momma always gave us love

Lost queen, from pain from a youngster
Shot six times in the back by the dumpster
Be cautious when ya step, but don't step to light
Cuz the Tec is in the ghetto in the projects at night
Some gangsta $$# ^!$$%'s slangin' crack on the corner

All blacked up with the gangsta ptonma
Try'na make a livin', try'na have him lil' some some
Them white folk's as cop don't want to see me as nothin'
But a ^!$$% got soul, with a mouth full of gold and
I don't give a $#&@ bout none of you hoes

Brangin' terror with no error to the mother $#&@in' Po-Pos
You know that ^!$$% the jiggy jiggy Jack-o
That's comin' to the top with no mother$#&@in' peace
^!$$% peep game mother $#&@ tha police

[Lil' Slim]

Zero, zero, nine one one
(*##$ $$# trick $$#, cop's have yet to come
Cuz uhh, deuce revolvers is my problem solvers
%#@! shake yo $$# now ya up like yo father
I got's to get away, I got's to get an disguise
The rat's his on my $$# time to get the $#&@ out of dodge
Cuz I'm to known for sellin' stone's on my $#&@in' block

These ^!$$%'s got these ki's I get these $#&@in' flipper rock's
Duckin' and dodgin' and steady mobbin' but the law keep's callin'
Cuz they hear a ^!$$% ballin' ^!$$% I roll's quicker out the cut
The quicker to break 'em up, cuz a ^!$$% straight money struck
Bailin' from the North cuz that's my thang
The mother$#&@in' corn meal is the %#@! I slang
Been did it and done it $#&@ that ^!$$% done stunt'ed

I'm runnin' and gunnin' show them ^!$$%'s ain't nothin' funny


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