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UNLV lyrics : "Giving It Back"

[Lil Ya Talkin']
Check(YEAH YEAH), this 1 here for my people (UH UH)
Look, Ya'll gon love this

Ya hord mee (SAY DAT, SAY DAT)


This is for my ^!$$%z and my (*##$es, ya'll know who ya'll are
Im givin it back yall the reason why Ya made it this far
Still the same it aint gon change, $#&@ what you say

Behind my ^!$$%z, my (*##$es, I dont play

[Verse 1]

Check, I'm givin it back to my dogz, 6th and B first of all
My ^!$$% Slew, my ^!$$% Wee, Lil Kirk and Paul
I'm givin it back to all the women who put up with my %#@!

I got love fa you hoes I dont mean to call you Biotch
I'm givin it back to the kids I be sendin to the store
Like Boo, E, Melvin and Twill lil brotha Joe

I'm givin it back to the V i aint lettin em starve
I got something fa yall and its rock hard
I'm givin it back to the Jetz from the Mac Melph Calio

^!$$% disrespect that Buck him wit the Cali-Co
Back to the younger generation...
Support the college funds... for further education

Givin it back with out a doubt, no hesitatin
Gettin rid of the fake, you either roll or you pay
Im givin it back to everybody who kept it real with me

I dont consider ya'll fans... Ya'll family

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm givin it back to all the DJ's who be bumpin my %#@!

Especially that ^!$$% Sin fa makin this one a hit
I'm givin it back to my fans I dont even know
I'm showin love at each ande every $#&@in show

I'm givin it back to other artist in the industry
Who try to mark me fa how I say YA HORD ME
I'm givin it back to all the MC's before my time

Payin respect to the rappers who all live life by that iron
I'm givin it back to any hater that ever hated my %#@!
You could suck on my dick as long as you buy my %#@!

Im givin it back to my southside connection
Ya think we quiet? Start a riot ^!$$% test em
I'm givin it back to all them hoes who could $#&@ like they dance

Be in the club representin just uh wobblin that $$#
Im givin it back to all my ^!$$%z that be lightin em spliffs
And ofcourse the all mighty for givin us this

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
Look, if it wasnt for my people, where the $#&@ would I be?
Probablee in the pen for murder or roberee

But I'ma sell it while im here to tell it
Till the day that I'm gon LIl Ya the legend lives on
Known fa fuccin them hoes, ya baby moma perhapse

The ^!$$% that invented doggin (*##$es, puttin they names in my raps
Them (*##$es LUV THAT well %#@! I love you too
Cause if it wasnt fa my (*##$es I couldnt do what I do

Look here I'd kill for my round, Shed a tear for my round
When ever my round go down, im goin down with my rounds
Flip the script, pop in the clip, these ^!$$%z hatin on us

Top of the line bin spinners, got em kickin up dust
I love the lou-i-vile but I love me people more
They had my back in the begginin when I wasnt a pro

I gotta give it back before I lose it all
This here song is dedicated to my real dawgs

[Hook x2]


^!$$%... ^!$$%, uh, I dont, I dont, I dont
Check, wan holla at my mu $#&@in people Ya Hord me
That UPT all the way to that BT area

That 7 and D clique, 6 and Drys ^!$$%
3rd and D yall in here
4 and D, 2nd and D
6 and B oh you know you in here
My cuz and them: Ronnald, shawn, Tyronne

Lawrence, Donald, Darnel, Mark and them
Ya know, my Texas connects
Co Co Butta, UGK and them Yall in here ya Hord me
My people from ATL, My Florida connect
My ^!$$%z up in Cincinatti

Every Gutta in United States of America, Ya Hord me
My label mates, big Kik and them you in here my ^!$$%
Ya Know...

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