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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS : Dawn Of Ages lyrics

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UNLEASH THE ARCHERS lyrics : "Dawn Of Ages"

Begin our journey back through mists of time
As we arrive at the dawn of mankind
Engulfed in hatred, the world is at war

A sword is made to bring peace evermore


Created by the nobles one
Raised by champions, Great Defender
Assailed by ravenous fury

Conquered and eclipsed by evil splendour

Now man he cowers in fear and in shame

It holds a power which can not be named
What once held virtue is wicked instead
And none can hinder it's thirst for the dead


Over the mountains and the trees
Through valleys and the seas
We stand united on the plain

Mount up the barricade, or meet the end
Against an army of us all
There is no chance we'll fall, hear the call

Through smoke and ashes stands one mortal man
Alone triumphant, the sword in his hand

The worlds destruction at last is complete
A tale of anguish that's doomed to repeat


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