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UNLABELED lyrics : "Change the World"

Chorus: I wanna know, why we all have to die?
As the world is crashing down, right in front of my eyes
Can someone tell me if it's even worth the try?

To try and change the world this one last time

And we can't stop, no we won't stop

Until we change the world X2

Verse: What would I say to me, if I could see myself through another's eyes?

Would I be surprised?
What would I do to the world if I could change the way so many die in vain?

Pre-Chorus:I wanna change the world (I wanna change the world), I wanna change who I was in the past X2
But I'll never have it back


Verse: The skeletons and demons are coming after me, and all the superficial

[email protected]$(s too
Well they can take every [email protected]#$ thing that I have, but they can't ever take my
$#[email protected] name



Bridge: GO! OHHH!

Outro: You've only got one life to live and I, won't let this chance pass me by X4

And we can't stop, No we won't stop
Until we change the world X2

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Thanks to maria.01215