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Unknown lyrics : "The Shark"

Josh Meets The Shark
I was in a bar well after dark.

Shootinâ?? pool with The Shark.
He said,â?Son. Iâ??d like to make a bet with you.â?

(I betâ??chaâ?? do.)

If you make this here trick shot.

I will give you this here watch,
And it will pass a special power on to you.

(I know youâ??ll feel so powerful.)

So I lined up the cue ball.

Let it fly and I sunkâ??em all.
Grabbed the watch
And put it on my wrist.

(It fits so good.)

I felt a tingle in my throat.
Then I sang the perfect note.
He said,�Son. Your special power goes like this.�

You can shoot orange juice from your hand.
Ginger ale from your fingernail.

You can shoot highballs from your eyeballs.
You can make sour mix as well.

You will sing a country tune.
While you wear a fancy hat.
Youâ??re the human, singing bar gun

And itâ??s hard to mess withâ?¦. THAT!

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