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UNKNOWN PROPHETS : 4 The Kidz lyrics

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UNKNOWN PROPHETS lyrics : "4 The Kidz"

[Big Jess talking]
Yeah, this one right here...this for the kids...this is for all kids...
city kids, suburban kids, rich kids, poor kids, messy kids, clean kids

It don't matter; man the kids is our future, people need to start waking up...
And realize what's really going on
Cause everything ain't all good, it's really not

So we just gonna do this for the kids right now
And dedicate this to ya'll - Unknown Prophets style baby

[Mad Sun]
To all the shorties who decided their favorite emcee's rhymes
And girls playin double doutch in the summer time

I'm lookin at your childhood
Reminicing on mine
Yo it's funny how things can change throughout time

Now your online sendin out e-m's to your friends
Little Cats rockin today's latest trends
In the schoolyard, tradin your pokemon cards

Everyone tryin to cop the ol' charizard
Promos and holographics
Dreamcast, videogames with the illest graphics

Basketball practice
Your Allison's the future Jordan's
Saturday's wakin up to catch cartoons in the mornings

Yo I know it's boring, sometimes your sittin in class
Other days your straight clowin makin everyone laugh
Passin notes to that girl that's got a crush on you

Your like, "Yo girl, I like ya too."
For all the kids in the Burbs
And all the kids in the City

Hangin with your crew
Actin mad silly
Chase all your dreams till you make them reality

Respect yourself, your peers and your family
For all the kids strugglin'
Keep your head up

Brighter days are ahead
The rain will soon let up
And when your fed up, ready to call it quits

Remember we all go through rough times
Even the Prophets
So this if for them kids at New Vision School, Bottnem Park yo in Harlem too

To all the little rascals across the Map
Peace from the Prophets
No matter where you at

This is for them kids who lact respect

And this is for them kids with the well paid checks
This if for them kids who get good grades
And this if for them kids just tryin to get paid

This if for them kids who stay in school
And this is for them kids who wanna "act da fool"
This is for all kids, whether good or bad, big or small, we still got love

for ya'll.

[Big Jess]

I see some of the kids on my bus
They probed to cuss
It's like they headed straight to jail to be thrown in cuffs

Parents dont take the time to monitor their kids music
When most of the lyircs are, explicitly abusive
Your Son's got dirty clothes

Why you sittin on low pros
Sendin him to school with ragidy hair
That's a no-no

They need to be playin with yo-yo's instead of bullets
Cause kids these days ain't got enough sense not to pull it
They hear it on cd's, they see it on TV

In doesn't go in one year and out the other believe me
You need to read to your kids and be with your kids, you need to listen to
your kids and feed your kids

You need to love your kids and provide for your kids
You need to make them know you would die for your kids
Yo, I feel that kids look up to us as role-models

So we gotta give them somethin positive to follow
So this is for the kids runnin in the streets at night
And for those skippin class when they know it ain't right
There's too much bad hype bout black and white
And kids gotta go through life with negative stereotypes

All white kids ain't devils
All black kids ain't thugs
All white kids aren't in the colt
All black kids don't sell drugs
Some do but that's just the way things are

But you can make a difference wheter near or far
From Tuttle to Marseat
From Sheridan to Kenwood
From the kids on Lowry, all the way down to Glenwood
From my hood, to your hood, to people everywhere

The Prophets here to show you we care
Ya heard me


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