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UNK lyrics : "Hold On Hoe"

(feat. Baby D, Dj Montay, Parlae Of Dem Franchize Boyz)


Hold on Hoe
Hold on Hold on Hold on Hoe
AY!! [x4]

Don't run up on me like you know me player
Hold on HOE!

I'm smokin Kush you on that reggy
Hold on HOE!
Dem diamonds ain't real, tuck ya chain in

Hold on HOE!
ay ay, back back imma do my thang then

[Verse 1:]
Ol' (*##$ $$# ^!$$% make me laugh
Can't even bust Welch's grape

My fault dey hoes in my face
I pump dey mouths just like weights
I blowin Kush it taste great

Come 50 deep like da mob
I'm stackin stack after stack
so haters get on ya job

I'm callin shot after shot
whether you like it or not
You try to jack what I got

I'll bust ya $$# on the spot
Come try me
I see you aint hard with out ya boys huh?

Hold on HOE!
Unlock dem toys and bring the noise huh?
Hold on HOE!


[Verse 2:]
Ay hold on hoe hold on hoe
Don't be walkin up on on me to fast

Lookin slick talking slick
But aint no sucka for no $$#
Look at the j's up on my feet

And the suede up on my seats
Check out the shades up on my face
(*##$! I ain't cheap

Hold on hoe, hold on hoe
I done told you once before
That I don't be rappin fast, des ^!$$%s just listen slow

So hit the blunt twice and keep it movin steady
We smokin purple kush (*##$ this aint no mutha$#[email protected] reggy
I'm in the A!

hold on hoe hold on hold on hoe
All Day!
I put on hoe put on put on hoe

See the stacks in my pocket
DA oomp camp gettin bigger
I'm Baby D or you can call me that ^!$$%


[Verse 3:]
Now hold on hoe
who gon be the next to go?

who gon be the next to blow?
give a ^!$$% extra throat
I'm next to blow

my jewelery gotta a extra blow
Look at my chain (*##$
My diamonds made by eskimos

I got extra dough
I got a cold wrist
Look at my pinky ring

My ears look like froze piss
How much yo chain?
How my much my chain?

That's a whole brick
I leave des hoes sick
My white wrist look like froze cris
I know dis
We da mutha$#[email protected] %#@!

oomp camp and Franchise in this $#[email protected] (*##$
Hold on hoe, hold on hold on hold on hoe
DFB we got solo solo dough


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