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UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER lyrics : "Remember oUR Name"

You ready?
Let's Go.
Uh. Uh. U of R.

Now for those of you who want to know what we're all about... Meliora.


This is 20% clusters, limitless core
Dedicated to campus, sports, and clubs galore
80% research, global acclaim

And 100% reason you Remember oUR Name

Listen up high school seniors this is what you gotta know

If you're lookin for some college and a little bit of snow
A place to pick your classes, research from the start
It ain't easy to get in so I sure hope you're smart

University of Rochester up in western N-Y
We got that Rush Rhees Lib lightin up the night sky
Surrounded by a river got Docs across the walk

Our backyards a cemetery so our neighbors never talk

Clubs and activities run bout 248

Friday night dinners we call for Garbage Plates
Mascot Yellowjacket, colors yellow and blue
Famous grad, shouts out to my boy Steven Chu

Classes in the AM, Bio, then some Psych
Round that noon hour, it's time to grab a bite
Hittin up the Commons lookin for some grub

Lots of options... the meatball sub

Next class is at 2 but I need to hit the gym

Busy sched, can't keep up with Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim
Lift some weights, shoot some hoops, droppin 3s from the arc
30 laps in the pool I'm like a great white shark

See we're 60% sports, 20% Greek
9:1 faculty for students to seek
We go hard or go home, we don't do things in segments

Like Alec Baldwin's momma we buy our food at Wegmans


Tuesday/Thursday one class taught by Dean Pauly B
History of Jazz, greatest class you gonna see

Listening to some music all class long
A little Duke and Ella, a lot of Mr. Armstrong
President J-Sel, takin our school to the top

Doin what he can he ain't ever gonna stop
The best faculty, we gonna get some more
Soon we'll be taught by that wizard Dumbledore

We're committed to meeting the full demonstrated need
Of all students admitted to this University

The financial aid office helps you and your family,
Get a Rochester education of Ivy quality
We got Eastman right down the street

Even our molecular physicists can drop a few beats
Let your guidance counselor know that you heard our rap
Flip open your laptop and start fillin out the app

We got WWW dot Rochester dot EDU
Click on admissions to start scheduling your interview

This is just how we do, another day in the ROC
45 hundred Yellowjackets up in one campus block
The rest is up to you, time for you to come see

Why all across the nation they callin us a "new Ivy"
So lets go, head on up to the hive
You the 3-1-3, we the 5-8-5

It does get cold, button up bring a sweater
You always good, we "Ever Better"

[Chorus 2x]

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