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UNITY KLAN : Can't Hide lyrics

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UNITY KLAN lyrics : "Can't Hide"

[Chorus: Jaz]
You can run but you cant hide
Better get your life right



When I take out my Bible and I wave it all around
Bindin demons and the devils up and down the town
On the grave sites of my friend that died a time ago

Now you know, we got the flow and the mad laugh
We be burnin up the tempature
Now Im sure we sendin chills up your spine

Of a different kind, are you blind
Or the colors of your eyes, dont be scared of what ya see
And we be creepin up on the back of you, can you smell the fuems

Of the chemicals known of Babylon of His lap
Aint you glad you got God on your side
Now you cant run, but you surely cant hide G

You better watch out, cause I see you, can you see me
If you dont, then you better start to prayin, no delayin
Cause Im tellin you, the demons I be slayin

You better watch out, you better watch your back
Cause when it comes to Unity, we're cuttin us no slack



Breakin spells, cages in your minds
Its my God that make the blind see, and the lame talk
Cripple walk, as we creepin, stalk, demons drop

So I gotta bring it to ya raw somethin you never saw
Or seen, but you comin like a fiend
But stop here a scene, we you get dropped 6 feet deep

And when your evil becomes your reality
Stuck in the pit of hell, for eternity
Cryin, everyday diein, pain multiplyin

Tryin to escape, but your soul is like a tape
Always playin, hurtin burnin twist and turnin
To the point of no return and now you burn

Burn in the fire up in stone
Cause stone is the way of the walk
You were thinkin while your were sippin

And tweakin, trippin then you got to slippin
Cause there's nobody flawless


[Big J]

I got them complex, perplexed skills
That be reflectin outreach technique
As I speak, is what I sow, is what I reap

Demons creep, tryin to make you holla, hide your pride
Gotcha locked up in them chains, so you cant recognize
Eyes, on every sin and move you make

Cause you dont wanna be ready to fool that man
But God will know that you will faint take
Correction, be ready for that last day inspection

Leathal injection, heavenly incision whats your direction
Yeah, Im not the one to play church on Sunnday
Then Monday play them games, like I dont know Jesus' name

Its a shame, to see my brothers play roles
Tryin to entertain for fame, instead of reachin lost souls
Now, take off that christain makes, lets hide no sin

But still you try to hide that conviction wit in
Why, dont you die to your flesh
So you can live for the Best, cut the stress

And let your soul be at rest, yes


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