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Unique lyrics : "Foundation"

Hey (yes)
Ooh (yes)
Check this out

Here we go, c'mon

Feels like i just bought a million dollar home on the beach

And a wave just came and washed it away
Feels like i just bought a maybach with cream leather seats
Only to watch another dude drive it away

It's like at halftime watching me just before the buzzer goes off
And the ref just says it don't count at all
I know it's my fault

If i coulda rewind and do it all over again
Hey, you'd still be my lady
You that real is they talk about (this is it)

When you're real young and you eavesdrop on the grown folks convo
You know that regret that got me down (this is it, deal with it)
Imma try but it's hard without my shawty around

You are my strong foundation (yes)

C.e.o. of my heart foundation (yes)
Without you, don't think i'm gon make it (yes)
Here i am, here i stand

Baby, now i got a plan
Just be my strong foundation (yes)
President of my heart's foundation (yes)

Without you, don't think i'm gon make it (yes)
Here i am, with these hands
Wanna build a strong foundation

Now that you see i'm sincere
Baby, will you give me a chance?

(these are my true colors)
(nothing else another color)
Nothing but honesty, baby

That's what you got standing here, yeah (yes)
From now on it's 50/50 (famous keep before )
Don't gotta worry bout a thing

When you're with me, no (girl, just put your feet up)
Cuz i, i get it now
If i don't put it down

Some guy might come around
And take my crown now


Oh, i've tried without you but i can't let you go

I'm better off with you next to me
I'm do the part of love is learning to let it go
But without you here, now all i can see is

Oh, oh (5x)

All i can see is

Oh, oh (5x)

Won't you be...


(yes) (6x)

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa