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Union lyrics : "Uncut Ii"

[K. Born]
Yo, mother$#[email protected] is straight jealous
It's wild

We got one mother$#[email protected] talkin about another mother$#[email protected]
Mother$#[email protected] is on that gay %#@!
Yo we keepin this uncut

Check, check (K. Born K. Born on that South Central %#@!)

I fell asleep and woke up, saw the drunk handcuffed

Your feuds, cut the $#[email protected] up, for what sweat, burnin like booze
Last thought, I was flashin my passport til a cop stopped me
In front of the barbeque spot, in the black Porsche

Switch cars, just to be safe, in case I'm bein followed
From state to state I'm guaranteed to see tomorrow
Priceless, can't be borrowed, only for purchase

Too much can make you nervous, federal, been there
Before you done that, you seein Starr's like Fredro
Quick to comeback, I got you bobbin for dineros

And foreigners fancy that feature fetish, letters skanless
$#[email protected] who the man is, poison infected infested the block
Got you naked, sweatin hot

This party is disconnected, shall I rock?
I elevate thought, to a new state and teleport through
Blowin your fuse, until you stiffen to statues

[Chorus: x2]

Yo it's uncut, we keep it pure for your ear
You get one time - to shine in this game
Yo it's uncut, we keep it raw for your ear

You get one time - to shine in this game

[K. Born]

I hang around dirty syringes, inches from bums on park benches
The stench is, hideous, the city is, off the hinges
Hesitate?, no escape

Once you start you struggle but get, far from a taste
Put me in water, watch me bubble, bake me with soda
Watch me double, break me down you'll make a bundle

$#[email protected] what your friends say, I got two diamonds (*##$es and clients
Star status, the baddest cars made from science
About face, no mistakes, playin for high stakes

The wild race, no breaks, I provide base
I birthed ballers, in every state, who only trust
They Rottweilers, I create shotcallers

Numb your whole tongue, from lickin my $$#hole, freeze
Left her froze, eleven blows to the nostrils
Deadliest threats, takin no bets, gamble your soul

Explode in your chest, drop to your toes, give up your flesh


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