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UNIDENTIFIED FUNK OBJECT lyrics : "Zero Gravity"

Late night shift sweeping floors at the observatory
She was in the laboratory working late
She was a woman of science mapping the position of the stars in the sky

But tonight they were all in their right place
She said "This world is weighing on me, but pretty soon I'll be flying free
Gonna work on an orbital telescope satellite"

And it's up outside the atmosphere but on a clear night you can see
And she led me outside and took me by the hand as the stars were shining bright

In zero gravity, we could live in a fantasy
And when you're holding me, I could plot a trajectory
In zero gravity, we'd be a singularity

And when we're floating free, you could give all your love to me

Well I ain't no mathematician babe and I don't know much of nuclear physics

But I know when the chemistry feels right
I said "I heard there was a force that can make two bodies be attracted to each other
And I think I can feel that force tonight"

I said "Take me with you when you go, I want to fly off into the sky
We can leave behind all our worries and our blues
Cuz there ain't no time to take it slow and we don't need to justify

Because I know all about the science of the heart and I know that mine is in free fall over you

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