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Woah (*##$
Hold up now focus
I wish I had a lotus

And many things
Shut the $#&@ up or you'll get hit with this championship ring
Males be like my dick goes from A THROUGH Z

That's the biggest fail I have ever seen
So $#&@ wit me wrong and your $$# be dead on the street
You ain't goin to do %#@! but step back

I know this %#@! cuz im a threat wat
This flow that I was given
Im living up to my full expectations and im now im hitten

Ever other rapper with some suicidal track %#@!
How you doin now cuz I be sittin on the track wit
Some of them trains cuz im loco but im not motivated by these hoes

I am on this gold %#@!
But I don't think I own it
I am ferocious

We ain't equal im not sweat
TEA you off cuz I go balls out like a VASECTOMY
Give your teacher and apple

Im the special
Ingredient to the recipe
You can be rotten but im mean to the core

You ain't fly you soar
From sayin how you WRECKED-EM



Ive been told that im the trillest , im the realest, im the illest MC

That there probably is to spit it
Verse right back at yah
Yeah that's right cuz I will snatch yah

Grab yeh snapback and then flip it put it

The correct way

$#&@ what I say
Yeah that's right
Your girlfriend and I do it 3 way

With he best friend
Till the night ends
How you goin to feel now cuz I will throw you off the end

And the face of eternity and you are not trying to blur with me
Cuz that %#@! probably won't happen or your speaking metaFERICALLY
Yeah that right (*##$, try to say this %#@! cuz im really going HAM

H. A. M. up on this beat
Yeah that's right (*##$ grab a seat
Cuz I am ready to teach

You little [email protected]$)got $$# , lessons
I am just a blessin
Sent down to fix the rap game man

Im not hopsin, im not an option, and im just shockin like some Eminem words
Or maybe the 3rd rail coming out of this %#@! cuz I still will prevail
How you feelin now cuz im come down on the $#&@ing ground call me HAIL

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