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UNEARTH : Giles lyrics

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UNEARTH lyrics : "Giles"

Smother his life - the words cut right to the heart.
Disease and threaten my family nam.
An epic stand is made.

Condemned I will not plead.
Damned to the beast of torment.
Damned by the beast within us all.

Crushed by the fear.
More stone, more stone, more weight for Corey.
Not one set forth could capture admission of guilt.

By law, avoids death on Gallows Hall.
Through time this fight will martyr my name.
My soul free of a heretic.

Court of Ayer and Terminer leave me my rightful land.
Men of Ayer and Terminer leave me my rightful land.
To slow in my hear - to leave to my sons.

Peine Forte et Dure is called - an effort to collapse belief.
Has failed, and surely will die with me.
Rectify my name.

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