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UNE? NO : Epperson Airplane lyrics

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UNE? NO lyrics : "Epperson Airplane"

Nah. You and E No.
Nah. Take a T.O.
Nah. You and E No.

Nah. Let her be, bro.

Sitting at a bar with a friend who looks like an African American Jennifer Lawrence.

We're chilling and talking. I show her my impression of Christopher Walken.
Was about 30 past 10 by then. Every part of the bar was pretty damn dark then.
Except the entrance. I look up for an instant, and this big ^!$$% just walks in.

I mean, really big, really big. I'm talking damn near 300 pounds.
Wears a big white tee like a big white sheet. If I put on me, I would drown.
Has a couple gold rings and a couple gold chains, one really big cross.

I'm like it's naw. I turn back to the bar, put my lips on my straw,
Chat with my friend. We laugh and we grin.
Tell the bartender fill our glasses again.

We don't really care long as half of it's gin.
We don't really care how much cash that we spend.
Then I turn around and see that fat kid again.

He's talking to a woman, but it's off putting,
By the way that he grabs her, the way that he's looking:
Like she's a slab, and he's in the mood for cooking.

And I don't want to spy on him,
But I think we should probably keep an eye on him.
I mean, I'm kind of drunk, but something really stinks,

And I'm sure I just saw him slip something in her drink.
What the $#&@

Nah. You and E No.
Nah. Take a T.O.
Nah. You and E No.

Nah. Let her be, bro.

Did I see a putty tat

Did he really put what I think that he put in that
Girl's drink Damn, watch her knock it back.
Tell my friend that we gotta stop this crap.

She's already halfway to blacking out.
She can't walk. Damn, he's trying to drag her out.
I approach like, "Don't know what you're planning, pal."

But I'ma have to play to be Chris Hansen now.
He steps back and frowns, and says, "Look, I don't know what you think, but..."
I say, "Yeah, yeah, sure, don't play dumb. I saw what you put up in that drink, bruh."

You dropped the Molly; she's sweating.
Now you're trying to take advantage, I'm betting.
Man, that's not just lame, that's $#&@ing insane. Let me ask a few questions.

Come on, dog, you gon' drug her with some ex, though
What's next Needle in the neck like the Dex show
Are you really that desperate for sex, yo

That's like one step away from getting necro.
You and E No. It's kind of like the Beatles:
You gotta let her be, yo. Please don't be a creepo

Or Jackass, Steve O.
Or someone might treat yo' b hole like hers when you're up in prison yelling for a C.O.

Nah. You and E No.
Nah. Take a T.O.
Nah. You and E No.

Nah. Let her be, bro.

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