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UNDERWATER lyrics : "Clear Your Mind"

When I look outside in the morning
I want to see the sun shinin'
I'd like to be reminded of this day

But I know in the back of my mind it will never be the same

I must've woke on the right side of the bed this morning

No hangover
Jumped out the shower
Creased my khaks and I'm rollin'

Holdin' no heat I didn't need it today
Meeting at the park with all the homies barbequein we gonna be eating today
It's needless to say

We met up and everything was proper
Ribs chicken and beer
Not one trace of the coppers

Got my face full of vodka
Walk up to this proper chicken
Finger lickin' politicin

On how bout' we should be kickin' it
I'm listening she's listening back
Matter of fact

we was interrupted by some ruckus sounds like %#@!s gonna crack
but take that back
its just a little kin folks

dancin' they $$# in the grass lip sync'n Dem Rascalz
no worries no hastles
everything is copathetic loc we headed over to baby girls house

we won't regret it
smashed up some hash before I smacked up that $$#
wrestled her fast to the back and unraveled them pants

then we woke up in the mornin'

when I wake up in the morning I'll be stretchin' and yawning

got a bad $$# breezy on my side cause we were sexin' and bonin'
then I flipped out my bed had her make some breakfast
took two hits to the head then I threw on my necklace

it was a lovely day with a perfect forecast
everything's going my way what more could I ask
peep the scenario turn up the stereo today's so beautiful

so peep the way we roll gotta get in where you fit in
hey partner I be pimpin'
no question about it I'm irresistible to women

cruising with the top down so everyone can see me
today's a good day man huh you best believe me

from dawn till dusk
and the rise of the sun
I'm waking in the morning

Now my day has begun
So much in the atmosphere remains uncontained
Always running wild ideas in my brain

How fortunate we are to experience creation
Taking time out for a little meditation
On a positive vibe it will roll

Into this next line so hear it flow

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa