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Underoath : Heart Of Stone lyrics

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Underoath lyrics : "Heart Of Stone"

All the blood in their souls pours out,
Look for something in the dark
Blinded they find nothing

Another lust given in,
Another trust shut within
Listen to him speak so holy,

Father God, I'm saved
That's fall that matters let the rest burn in hell
Preach false,

A sin is a sin,
Doesn't give you the right to condemn them to hell
They know their wrongs you don't have to tell them their faults

Once you were a sinner
How would you like it
If someone laughed at you because of your wrongs?

I'm not here to accept their sings
But I'm here to show them love within
Listen to him speak so holy, Father God I'm saved

That's all that really matters let the rest burn in hell.
No Matter how hard you try
You can't convince me that you represent Christ

No more, I'm fed up with this... you've already killed too many souls
It's time you wake up and see the truth
Christian, I stand, not afraid of my beliefs

Learn to love your enemies,
To open their eyes you must be willing to die
Look at your own wrongs before you look at someone else's

You want to save souls or put souls to death
Giving our savior a bad name,
Giving me a bad name

You're so wrong with your beliefs,
Sit in church every week,
But never do you help the weak

This is time to take back what's ours,
Not to give the world what's ours
Don't you want to see everyone saved

Or just yourself with a river of blood on your hands?

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