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Underoath : Catch Myself Catching Myself lyrics

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Underoath lyrics : "Catch Myself Catching Myself"

This time i am heartache burning away?
nothing has changed nothing has changed like i said i would
faster towards the ground

thats where they wait for they wait for me
they enter my veins
feel them crawling through my skin

collecting my thoughts that they feed to their children
i swear it has to stop because there is nothing left to give, nothing left to give

I'll be the victor
i will destroy them
i want to watch them burn it down

so i can breathe again

rid out?

because after tonight i wont be the same
exhale exhale to find my veins on the ground

im not the same anymore
im not the same anymore
as i sink down into the floor

and the walls are caving in
and i don't believe in them anymore
though i try to bounce? my war

i am coming down alone
and i have to kick therm out of my head

i want i want to bow? down so i can breathe again
i want to watch them burn it down
so i can breathe again

one breathe at a time ill be just fine cause ill be right on the inside
whats turning my hands inside of my self and wait till their backs are turned

outside of my head where you thought they would win but i got them right where i want them
pushing aside i burn them alive i hear them beating and beating

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