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Underoath : A MESSAGE FOR ADRIENNE lyrics

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Underoath lyrics : "A MESSAGE FOR ADRIENNE"

I tried so hard to be her day
But the night has already
taken me away

Shedding dreams under
the maple tree
Where I carved your name

Nothing left,Not even time
Straight reads the line
His life had reached the end

Wanting only to be loved by Adrienne
Letters explained his grief
But she would never read

His wrists would bleed
But she would never see
So he took his life at the age of 23

And she had always loved him
But he would never know
For she covered her love

Like stars cover the sky
Hiding her heart
Fearing what he would find inside

Years took her away
A widow she remained
Holding him deep inside

Wishing she too would die
Time favors no one and if we wait
we too could fall in love

A second too late

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