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Undercroft lyrics : "I Condemn"

Ancient sins everlasting in time
Nightmares control my mind
Unforgettable memories

Of my life's dark past
I condemn
All the power in my hands

Owner of dreams and goals
To decide the uncertain fate
Of weak men

I condemn
Given the authority, i condemn without judgment of court
Executing the unfaithful

I condemn, i condemn, i condemn
Thousands of [email protected]$(s slaughtered with rage
Spreading the pieces of bone and flesh

I condemn, i condemn, i condemn
Tearing their bodies limb
Slowly mutilating their carcasses

Far worshipping false gods
I will cut their tonguess off
For blaspheming against

I will condemn to the abyss
The ones who lies
Will eternally suffer from my punishment

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