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Undercroft lyrics : "Bridges To Melissa"

I close my eyes in front of the nebular sppeal
I feel it dragging me this suicidal desire!
I am who claim for our blood

Melissa waits for me in the distance...far away!
Beyond the ocean
Beyond the southern lair

There lays your cradle
I'll build four bridges to you!
You are the light on the other side of the sky

I am the shadow of this side of hell
Melissa hear me far away!
You will cover the sun, you will charm the moon

By my side!
Show me the other...
Show me the other spell

I'll fly to your cradle
I'll build four bridges to you!
You're my end, you're my dreams

You're my path
You're another temple's stone of our race
Melissa guide me to your cradle

I will be the Baptist of the black forgotten arts!
And flying together
Under the frozen clouds

Feasting the demons
Running on the bridges!

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