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Kind enough to tell the right from wrong,
It's never wrong unless you're right.
She listens and obey and it portrays another story of her life.

She's not alright, she's not alright.

A razor for every occasion never gets to tell the way you feel.

It lays upon the dis-creation, this glass can never tell you what is real.
You're temper mental, you need a break, how much am I supposed to take.
You pull me down with everything. The ends defines the means and then there is me.

And I'm not alright, I'm not alright.

Test your strength. If they could see what you stand for.

You need the help.
If you can grasp the thought and remake
The damage, the distance, it withers with patience.

"you tear apart yourself again", she says.
"What can I do to help"

"The glass is half full", he says
"but it's empty and it's not alright", he says
It's not alright, it's not alright.

It's just your perspective.

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