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UNDER THE INFLUENCE : Vs The World lyrics

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UNDER THE INFLUENCE lyrics : "Vs The World"

My eyes have turned blood red,
My hands are raised with war,
Won't take opinions as,

something that creates a law,
I can wear what i want,
i can do what i wish,

And if you hate me for it,
Well i don't give a %#@!,
Give me a name, subject, genre,

Or Stereotype,
I'll give two fingers up,
And a reason to believe the hype,

See i've been under siege,
From haters rising left and right,
But i'm not phased i putty them,

I'm sleeping well at night,

We were born for reasons that we fight with,

These are the rules I live my life with,
When will you ever learn,
Your never gonna stop us.

See life's an opportunity,
You've got to take what you get,

Take the love and hate,
Conquer both for respect,
We're all standing outside,

Of a broken home,
With years of anger,
We want a place of our own,

But never give up,
Never go knees to the floor,
Stay around keep knocking,

Until they answer the door,
Then they will finally listen,
An you can have your say,

Then they look to you,
So you can do things your way.

Never Give Up,
Never Go Knees To The Floor,
Stay Around,

Keep Knocking Until They Answer The Door

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