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UNDER EMBER SKIES : Invictus lyrics

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UNDER EMBER SKIES lyrics : "Invictus"

We bear these scars, a testament to resilience.
Our shattered hearts beat stronger now than ever.
We've been beat down, stomped to the ground.

There's no surrender, we will overcome.

The air is stagnant and the stench of putrid filth emnates from within the shadows.

The scum that lurk at the darkest hour of night revel in depravity.


Screams of bloody murder fall upon deaf ears.
No matter how loud the cry, there's no one there to hear.

The pack is always stronger than the lone wolf.
Our fortitude lies in solidarity.

Eyes to the moon, our piercing howl
Will strike fear in the hearts of all that stand against us.

Though the wind chills to the bone, a fire burns within.

Our pride's unquenchable, hope is neverending.

And through sweat blood and tears our purpose is made clear.

Together, we can bear this heavy burden.

We'll walk this beaten path until we find our home.

Find our home...

We'll brave the storms, we'll chase away the darkness.
We'll lick our wounds, we'll mourn the fallen.

Our blood is pure, our fury righteous.
We realized our true strength when we thought we were mightless.


We are the masters of our fate.

We are the captains of our souls.


Keep pushing forward.

Though the wind chills to the bone, a fire burns within.
Though we've lost some battles, we will win this war.
We'll fight valiantly for all that we stand for.

Our hearts on our sleeves, our hands clenched in fists,
We will storm the gates of hell and emerge victorious.
Our resolve is firm, our will absolute.

Our minds free of doubt,
We know our roots.


We will fight, tooth and claw.

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