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Undefeated Flows : CHECK MY SWAGG lyrics

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Undefeated Flows lyrics : "CHECK MY SWAGG"

"This a Moeteff flame"

Yea Undefeated-Flows

Taking over
(We taking over)

Swagg stupid mean
(Stupid mean)
You can catch me on the scene

(On the scene)
With that Polo on my back
(On my back)

And the fitted cap to match
(Just to match)
Mane I"m clean...You know what?...You can..

Check my swagg/Check my fit

Check my ice shoe game so sick
Check my swagg/Check my fit
Check my ice shoe game so sick

Ice on gleam/Fit so clean
Looking like a superstar when I hit the scene
Ice on gleam/Fit so clean

Looking like a superstar when I hit the scene
(Fred Moe verse)
I like yo fit but I rather rock mine

Fresh Ralph Lauren with the Polo sign
Collecting all the horses like I was in the derby Pretty boy swagg didn't mean to be nerdy
Ice on my wrist but mane it ain't nothing

Polo shirt yea it cost a lil something
Alot of haters say they don't like the way I act
They talk about my swagg cause they ain't got it like that

(Kid Swag verse)
Polo'd down in the woods like I was Tiger
Ask Ralph Lauren...I'm the number one buyer

Celeb on the scene just letting it be known
The kid 16 getting paid like I'm grown
You can check my fit everytime you see me Wondering "Dang didn't I see that junk on t.v.?"

Grill in my mouth so you know I'm straight blingin'
As soon as I smile all the girls start scream...CHEEEEESE!!!!!!


(Eli verse)

Polo fit , Polo so adorable
Put ya whole cliq together, swagg still horrible
They say "Oooohh that boy clean" showing off flashing stacks

Pull up at the party in a futuristic Lac
Polo shirts 9,2, and 3
I'm so clean call me Moserati E

Ice on my wrist so you know it's on glist
Million dollar watch G-Shock on my wrist
(Stacks verse)

If you don't think I'm fresh then you must be [email protected]$!ed Think I'm @@#!y now?..But I'm just getting started Fresh fitted cap (CHECK)
Polo shirt (CHECK)
Fresh Levi's, new kicks that'll work (CHECK)

When they see my outfit they say I'm crushing the town They see the horses on my shirt they say "Stop horsing around"
I'm in the fast-lane and I'm hitting full throttle They like the way I dress and they ask if I'm a model Because I'm flyer than a hawk, falcon, or an eagle Exclusive kicks, people wanna know if they legal
If it don't look right then it don't touch my skin What kinda truck I'm in?..Yea that's Mercedez Benz


(J-Mula verse)
Fit so clean, Gucci green, got them ladies on my team Going crazy, money green, check my swagg cause it's mean
Eagle clothes, Lambo doez(doors), fitted cap, Gucci clothes

Got that ice up on my neck, you make it rain I make it snow
Watch me ride through yo city. I ride tall. you itty bitty
Got them goonz riding with me while we crush down yo city

Undefeated-Flows we stay strapped
Bussing down doez knocking haters off the map
(Kid Swag 2nd verse)

Had alot of ice up on my neck but nun in my mouth
So I went and got a grill that cost as much as a house You like my swagg, straight-leg jeans
Polo on my back, mane that boy clean

(Fred Moe 2nd verse)
Million dollar life better watch yo chick
Cause I see her eyes open and she checking my fit
When I go to the mall I don't ask no price
They be printing up receipts if it fit just right

(Final chorus)

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