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That's me, I'm driving in my car.
In the seat next to me sits a blue eyed brunette.
I know that she's yours, but she likes my mustang more than your glittering corvette.

That's you, you're looking rather sad.
You know that when you're dreaming you'll be as close you'll ever get.
You know that it's not your fault.

She's the one who left you standing in the cold.
Then the girl grabs the wheel and says you have to pull over.
'I want a reace, may the fastest driver win. He wins my heart, him I will marry.'

So we get set and then step on the gas.
Shifting into second gear, I can feel the tension's in the air.
Who will win who will become her friend?

We both do not intend to share. That's you.
You wanted me to know.
Losing is not bad, it makes your self-awareness grow.

Can't you see the girl belongs to me.
Why can't you live with that and let us be.

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