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UNCURBED : Mental disorder lyrics

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UNCURBED lyrics : "Mental disorder"

RIOTS IN BLOOD: See the hatred in their eyes, all the bullets are no surprise, they want to pay the price, to a life without no crimes; RIOTS IN BLOOD - ALL THE VIOLENCE TO SEE WHAT YOU STAND, RIOTS IN BLOOD - WHICH SIDE WILL YOU GIVE YOUR HAND; Rodney King is just one case, fill their bodies with more hate, don't wait for your fate, as long as the white man dominate

MENTAL DISORDER: Wake up before it's to late, you gotta stop this madness, when religion is the reason, for blood and for pain; RELIGION MEANS WAR - RELIGION GIVES BLOOD; Come on now, let's fight 'em back, or else they'll break your neck, with money on their side, they'll be the masters of mankind; RELIGION IS PAIN - ISN'T IT !#@*ING INSANE?; Come on now, let's fight 'em back, wake up, before it's too late!

RELIGION'S RESPONSIBLE: There's no $#&@ing score, in a brutal war, and everything was started, by a fanatic religion; RELIGION'S RESPONSIBLE, IN ALL !#@*ING WARS; They spread out their %#@!, about your life and how to live it, but when it comes to the end, it's your life they will spend

NO RESPECT: Fight back - show them no respect, fight back - let's break their $#&@ing necks; THE GOVERNMENT IS A BUNCH - OF !#@*ING BASTARDS; Be strong - show them all is wrong, be strong - if they hear this $#&@ing song; THE GOVERNMENT IS A BUNCH - OF BLOODY BASTARDS

VICTIMS: You don't have a name, you're just a number, you don't have a brain, you're just insane; VICTIMS OF THE STATE CONTROL

BUILD UP A FRONT: No hope, no future plan, depression grows, who gives a damn?; BUILD UP A FRONT - AGAINST THE LEADERS; No fate, all visions are lost, welfare society, a total frost

NO MORE TO SAY: Choose your life with no respect, no more to say, no more to say, wake up, realise your fate, no more to say, no more to say, all these lies you must obey, no more to say no more to say

WARHEAD: Look down on your bleeding feet, tanks are moving on the street, global destruction lies ahead, look out a nuclear warhead; NUCLEAR WAR - IS THIS WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING FOR?

DISCRIMINATION OF THE HUMANITY: Homeless children starving on the street, no food no money they are so weak; DISCRIMINATION OF THE HUMANITY; A life in fear and no one care, we think you not even dare

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