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UNCLEAN lyrics : "White Feebleness"

Black stone - their thoughts
The face of nameless life
Beuty of death revelation - of life end

Two dark eyes
Commanding rebelion - life of purity
Horror of forget world

Blood of unburied - sepulchre
Shadow of darkness
Might of magician in the sunheat

King of sacrifices
Devil's mass - stare of death
Beauty of the face

Full body of the blood - satan only drop
Death of fools - murder of the world

Blindness of believers, primitive of all
Their blood is singing of the way
Last judgment - in the name of satan

I curse this life
Blindness, blindness... the blood
Light blood of the warriors

Their primitive - black altar
Devil's mass
Satan's ritual - self

Absolute concentration
Into - pandemonic name of my way
Might of blindmen, their death

Late understanding
War of self delusion - of white blood
White feebleness

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa