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UNCLE TAIRY : I Am God, Music is My Religion lyrics

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UNCLE TAIRY lyrics : "I Am God, Music is My Religion"

I am addicted to this
Probably while I'll never have a good stage presence
Three minutes ago I was workin' on the songs on my set list

For my first show, should've expected this
Piece of inspiration to poke through the surface
Poetry seems to be my fingertips only purpose

Nothin' but a humble servant at constant worship
To the inner vibrations of strings, I heard this
Cat tell me that good tunes were only found in the past

While I agree these booty shakin' emcees are $$#
There's a characteristic I find in my community
And now that I rap, I'm seein' unequivocal unity

I can sit down with a laptop
Talk to god by processing my thoughts
"But Tairy aren't you an atheist? Did you give in?"

Nah man, I am god, music's my religion
And I won't even get into anything too specific
'Cus that could take days, I'm just tryin' to live with

Crippling depression and tendencies of second guessin'
Everything in my life, except the fact that I write
And I'm damn good

Not prideful at all, but I could
Write a symphony for every pace that I took
The reason rainforests are losin' all of their wood

Buyin' stock in Five Star to secure the goods
'Cus at the end of the day, nothin' ever makes sense
It never has, it never will, but I've got a pen

I've learned to release these thoughts and accept them
Destined to be an anti-eccentric
Anti-egotistical "look at me" emcee

Digitally re-constructing the industry machine
Pollutin' the airwaves with smog and debris
Smokescreens of beats along with pieces of me

I'm just one of the many lost souls
Left to roam lonesome 'til my toes become
One with the Earth, connected to my feet underneath

The essence of me has melted into the beat
With each stroke of the keys I'm determined to seek
Concrete energy underneath syllables of the weak

Whatever I see, I'll speak into a poetry piece
'Cus music is my religion and my God is me

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