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UNCLE MURDA lyrics : "My Moment"

Yeah, yeah,
You know, you can't tell me that
I ain't as real as rap ^!$$% in the game right now

You know what I mean?
Tired of livin' day to day like every day's alright
It's my turn, man,

Just waitin'on that moment
Oh, I've been waitin' long enough, man
Waiting on my moment

I'm thinkin' 'bout my past
Recipes to my momma,
I had to grow up fast

I ain't had no papa,
I had to flip that work
I had to grab that chopper

Me get my lil' brothers had to go to school lookin' proper
Along with that paper though
Came a lil' bit of drama

I caught [email protected][email protected] while they were sleepin'
Like they was in pajamas
They killed my best friend

FM [email protected][email protected] got clap
I could keep bodyin' [email protected][email protected]
But I can't bring him back

I was living in them projects
Lookin' out that window
Like this can't be life

It got to get better than this yo
I start writin' them raps
Then I hit that bull

Like every line is real
Are they goin' deny the truth?
Then I got with Chris

Lighty made it so easy
I was his new 50 Cent
I was talkin' so greazy

Then we got that deal
Went to South with J
And we $#[email protected] up when him and death gymed

They went their separate ways
Then I kept on drownin'
Got every radio play

Now I'm sounding with epic
I want my thing [email protected][email protected] L. A.
Chris got me that deal, too

Now my ^!$$% ain't here
I know how he will be tellin' me
Right now if he was here

Don't make me look bad
Give it all you got
You want me be the next biggest most 50 Cent, 2pac

This life scare my accent
When I'm in front of that camera
I'm puttin' all my [email protected][email protected] on without goin' broke like Ema

Free demo ground
He was pushin' me with his music %#@!
Gave him 18 years and he ain't even do this %#@!

Still rockin' with tune heads
All beat my [email protected][email protected] proof
I dress new, used to be

Right now, that's me and Cooch
Now I'm living day to day
Like every day's alright

Every night just wonderin' on my mind
I'm just waiting on that moment
Yeah, yeah

Waitin' on my moment
Yeah, yeah
You say you got that oh %#@! hell

Next time that's mine
'Cause as long as I stay husslin' I'm gon' shine
Just waitin' on that moment,

Yeah, yeah
Waitin' on my moment,

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