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Uncle Kracker : My Girlfriend lyrics

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Uncle Kracker lyrics : "My Girlfriend"

Dear mom & dad
I don't know where to start
I hate to break the news

But i got a broken heart

That sweet southern belle that i met in tenessee

Got a hickey on her neck & it ain't from me
Seems there's someone special she's been meetin' at the gym
But the crazy thing about it is that someone's not a him

My girlfriends got a girlfriend now

It was cool for a minute now it's bringin' me down
People talkin' 'bout it all over this town
My girlfriends got a girlfriend now

All my friends say she's just goin' through a phase
I believed her when she said she just needs a little space

But then i found pictures on her cellular phone
Of them doin' things when i wasn't home

It hit me like a brick
I guess i should have seen the sign
This was more than just a friend & a bottle of wine


Yea mom & dad, really nothin' left to say
I'll be sure to keep you posted if she swings it back this way
I guess i'm not as sad as you think i might be

The part that makes me mad is they didn't invite me


My girlfriends got a girlfriend now,
My girlfriends got a girlfriend now...

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