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UNCLE GRANDPA : The Good Morning Rap lyrics

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UNCLE GRANDPA lyrics : "The Good Morning Rap"

verse 1
Good morning, it's like seven am
I rap when I wake up, want me to stop, just say when

Keep going til the pm, any of yall seen him
Old ^!$$%, with a fanny pack, I could be him
This show has everything inside it cause they packed it

With action, comedy, adventure and some slapstick
Better act quick before you end up with a slapped dick
Ashy lipped (*##$es over here need some chapstick

..Around the atlas, waking people the $#&@ up
No matter age, gender, color or if you're stuck up
..So annoying but I keep you in suspense

I really hate this show because it doesn't make sense like--
How this ^!$$% be my uncle and grandpa
Who the hell did you $#&@, and where is my grandma (whoa)

Excuse me y'all, where is my grammar
I'm outer space with aliens, where is my hammer?

Good morning, good good morning
The beat don't stop until the break of dawn and..

Good morning, good good morning
And this the type of song to go on and on and (x2)

Verse 2
A wack rap song, no autotune or r and b
You woke up in a buggati, I woke up in an RV

This show can't be real- is it something you believe
They have a giant tiger and ^!$$% named pizza steve
That's mother$#&@ing slice of pizza

That's like me wearing an orange dress and called myself lisa
Don't forget Mr. Gus, he's a dinosaur (mannn)
They don't exist anymore, those [email protected]$)gots died before

If Uncle Grandpa rapped, he would be lyrical
To beat him in a battle, you would need a tiny miracle
Will this guy ever die, keep wishing

This ^!$$% is amazing, have you ever seen him go fishing
Exactly, you need to go watch this
I done heard, that he be getting all the girls topless

Some dude tried to stop this and he put him in his place
He said, I got your girlfriend sitting on my face!


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