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Unashamed lyrics : "Turn"

In darkness, they fall asleep, waiting to be devoured.
Grieving like the rest of men who have no hope.
They search for peace in the midst of a storm.

They turn from goodness, to a promise of pain.

This same darkness that took you away,

Deceived your mind and left you alone.
Oh God, what went wrong?
I have so many questions,

To why it's turned out this way.
How can a person so strong, go astray?
I just can't sit still as you throw your life away.

I won't sit here and let you walk away and get complacent.
I care too much to watch you slip right
Through my hands and live in sorrow.

Trading away your faith for something that's going to
Fade away and leave you empty, full of pain.
I believe the truth is still at work in you,

I believe it's still inside of you.

I want you back, back in His love,

Back in His hands, set apart.

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