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Unashamed lyrics : "Renewal"

Will I stand till the end of time,
Lifting up my voice,
Shouting to this world.

Proclaiming what is His,
And what He has done.

Fighting the battles within,
For the control of my mind.
All those lies,

Whispers in my ear,
Telling me of naught,
Seeing my darkest fears.

Guilt and fear,
Deception, desire, wickedness.

All within my heart,
Make me new Lord.
Renew my heart.

Make me complete Lord.
Pure and clean, forever.

No longer does sin's power rule over me.

I am free,

Paid with a price,
A gift from God,
A perfect sacrifice.

Bound with Him till eternity.
There is no law to condemn me.
For I have Him,

The one and only.
My Lord, my Saviour.
My Rock, my Shield.

With all of my heart,
With all of my soul,

With all of my mind,
I will live for you.

My light, my life,
My comfort, my Saviour,
All of my mind,

All of my soul,
Renew my heart.

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