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Unashamed lyrics : "I Surrender"

Life my life by faith alone,
Life my life for God,
He gave his only Son,

To die on the cross.
The word of God is my light,
His righteousness, my path.

To walk with God is a daily task.
There is no looking back.
When the days are endless,

When times are tough,
I turn to God for my help.
He answers with love.

Nevermind those scientists,
With their crooked lies.

Nevermind society,
With their lusty eyes.
Nevermind the faithless,

They don't understand the truth.
They're trying to decide their lives,
Without help from above.

Take away my worldly things,
Take away my life,

There's one thing you can't touch,
My faith in God.

God, I surrender all I have to you.
God, I surrender all my faith in you.
My body as a sacrifice,

I give my life to you.
God I surrender.

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