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Unashamed lyrics : "Blessed Redeemer"

God is with us.
Blessed Redeemer,

The Living Word.

Tortured and nailed,

For my decadence.
You sanctified me,
Through the blood you shed.

Holy and righteous,
Your mercies never rest.
My hope is in you.

My burden's at your feet.

Through this path of life,

You enable me rest,
And in meekness,
I will remember you.

I fight to remember,
The sacrifice you made for me,

But I drown in arrogance,
To live in ignorance.
The things of this world,

Drag me down.
I cannot live in this rebellion.

Savoir, I cry in anguish.
Messiah, cover me with your Holiness.

Reaching out, touching me.
You give me strength.
You're all I need.

Draw me closer.

Exalted One, my sanctuary.

My hiding place.
I feel your strength.
I put away my fears.

I lay them at your feet.
Blessed Redeemer,
You are God,

And I will die for you.

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