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Umphreys Mcgee : Women, Wine, And Song lyrics

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Umphreys Mcgee lyrics : "Women, Wine, And Song"

Why did I break off more than to bite
Losin in the last frame
Stew on my complications and my reasons in the yard

Bars and guitars, guns and girls
With my yellow coat off, told the kid to get lost
Runnin' his mouth to some bikers

Tally your wins with a bucked-toothed grin
Cause life is too short of course, too short of course

Life's junk will suck thw will right out you
Hold on Lord can't do it with out you
Seems like a lot of gray in the world

Women, wine and song, women, wine, and song
Will make you all move alnog to a lovely beat

Drinker of elixer at three in the morning
Playing all the wrong games
Try to maim a doe and bring her back home

Even for breakfast in the morning (Make that three eggs)
Got too excited, made her feel like prey
Lost her in the last phase

Tally your wins, but you'll lose again
Cause life is too short of course, too short of course

(Chorus x2)

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