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UMC'S : Woman Be Out lyrics

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UMC'S lyrics : "Woman Be Out"

[Haas G]
Experience one: from this I did, yes I did notice

This isn't just another show, it's
The world I've been looking for
At least that's what I thought until I found it took a little more

Than just a dope smile and long hair
Fair skin to an end, all clothes in strong gear
Obsever the setting, in all the road ways

Drving along when I peeped her out (Yo yo hey!)
Can I kick it? (Yeah you can) Well I dig your style
My name is Haas G, tell me, are your from the Isle?

What's your name? *deleted* Oh that's kinda slick
Here's an invitation to a flick
Wait up tell me, do you have a man? (No)

Here we go, three months later
All about us, hmmm, she thought I played the
Fool about a month ago

(I know your style, it wasn't all about bump 'n' go)
Anyway, observe the new setting
At the nightclub, stepping with the clue new steps

And I turned around, I caught her digging down the next man
Rage is flowing deep and this inspired me to flex and
Step to her, pursue her

Throughout the large area and kick her [email protected]#^ area
The only thing I kicked was a word of peace
Now that you disrespected me

Be on your merry way
I'm not trying to hear that from my agent this day

"Get out my life now woman, I don't love you no more!" [x2]

[Kool Kim]

Up on the hill where I chill all alone
I get a ring on the tree phone, hello hello who is it?
Hi, my name is Booty, may I come up for a visit?

Sure, make it quick, and hon if you're able
Pick up some food at the store, we're watching cable
30 minutes later I'm inviting honey in

Let me take your coat, cuite, how the hell you've been?
Passed me her coat, said she feeling okay
Good, I'm glad to hear it, and I'm glad you came today

Then we sat and chat for a while and so
The night rolls in, and cutie has to go
Oh, right before she left I asked her could I have a date

She said, "Fine, what time?" I said "8"
8 o'clock sharp now I pick her up for dinner
"Is the place expensive Kim, is the place a winner?"

And after we have dinner, you're to treat me to a play
This cutie is a cutie, you'll be doing things my way
How absurd, stop at the next light

Woops, the date is over, get out, good night!
Cause I'm not one to be played for my props
And if I says big things, then things got to stop

Back to my hill, I'd rather chill by the tree
Then having any cutie living leech off of me
So, be on your way squally

"Get out my life now woman, I don't love you no more!" [x4]

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