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UMC'S lyrics : "Swing It To The Area"

[Verse 1:]
Let's all see - could I be like the sun's glow
Givin life to the lost, more than one blow

A real fly guy, if you said, I'm a show the
Crowds how I hold the mic so as I flow the
Juice filled fruit @@#!tail don't tail the @@#!

For the fact I rock well just hail I drop
One to grow on after each and every show on
By the loving of my creation

I am a product of the island nation
Indulge in my FAYshion, oops I mean fashion
Wouldn't you agree that a UMC is dashing?

From the flow, words out with a smooth projection
Chewin like a noid infection
Games are set, but MC's don't know how to play

Can I be fooled? (No not nowaday)
Gimme room, gimme room~! Back the hell up
Remember the expressions like, duck

Stand clear now, I can hear how the ducks cackle
Cause they can't take the tackle
When a member of the U comes in and starts

Funkin up the universal blow


When I swing it to the East (swing it, swing it)
Swing it to the West (swing it, swing it)
Swing it to the areas, that wants to test

(Wants to test)

[Verse 2:]

Hey it's the Kool Kool Kim (the cool in me) no foolin G
No jokes, adjust the riddles B
When I get faster, or funky, a good sound junkie

Some say I'm spunky when I swing it like a monkey
Or +Gorilla in the Mist+, ain't misbehavin
Bask in the sunshine, rhymes I'm savin

1-2-3-4-5 o'clock like I got
Psychonetics that you just can't stop
Scream my name from a mountaintop

Like Maxwell House, good to the last drop
A new style track so you bump it in your Jeep
Straight from the Stat' and now I don't sleep

Deep dark delicious but I'm rich with flavor
Try me +Now or Later+, a good time saver
Call me Black Joker cause the strength of my smile

Call me Gilligan cause I flow from the Isle
Call me Gomer cause the money that I Pyle
Or you can call me Method when I master my style

When I swing it to the North (swing it, swing it)

Swing it to the South (swing it, swing it)
Swing it to the areas, when I turn 'em out
(Turn 'em out)

[Verse 3:]
Come come, get a load of this beat that I bring

Come come, get a load of the funk see I swing
Hit to the East and the West
Certainly swingin to the areas that wants to test

Just for the record, you can't do me damage through play
A UMC attacks this way
I huff and I puff and I blow your whole house down

Now, who's the man around town?
Yes yes y'all, gimme hands up as we go
To the badder hip-hop as we flow

To the motions of milk and honey... [echoes]
Drop the tempo down slow, now the vibrations penetrate
We track a rhyme flow $$#ign at the rate

Of maybe 96, or 97, but anyway

Flip by flip, come step in my circumfrence

I let the bass boom when I bump bump this
MC's get the heebie jeebies when they see me
Hear me on radio or video or TV

I'm the +Magic Dragon+ so come and take a +Puff+
Some people troll you like they're tough, so come on and step up
Anticipated it, what your style you stated it
The crowd rated it - verdict? HATED IT~!
I step back and I laugh at your first disperse

I'm much like Jokey Smurf, but I'm ten times worse
Hear ye, hear ye, MC's know to fear me
I cause calamity until I get weary
Bust tracks like these tracks, keep gettin my strength back
Plus my skill and knack, that most kids seem to lack

They got the verbs, the phrase, adjust the nouns
But pound for pound, they can't flow with Kim for 12 rounds
So let's get ready to rumble, watch as I tumble
Anyone who mic stumble
Huff puff puff in my path I leave a style on your face

And now I'm gonna scar my autograph
So you better not pout, you better not cry
Kim is comin to town, and now you know why [echoes]

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