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UMC'S : One To Grow On lyrics

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UMC'S lyrics : "One To Grow On"

[Haas G.]
Castle on the borderline is surely like this
Approaching of a UMC is purely hypeness

(A fact) so I mention is again and again
(It's not necessary) those who comprehend my message very clearly
But not along the way to translucent

Throw your hands up for the man who sent
Invaders of my fruit basket, to a casket
Nina Dunnaway (see the fox run away)

So as a UMC I ask myself who can be the leader
Resembling the saws ought to fall
(Well it's you Haas G.) and that's a find the coolest in me

At a whim who would freeze blue cheese
Spin a 360 on a runway
Stop, and hear many more than just one say

"U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L" (Go on)
Cause we gave em all one thought to grow on

[Kool Kim]
I frame my method, my method is apparent
I see clearly this world's transparent

So I reach down deep
Deliver salvation to the hands of the weak
The meek, the mild, then tame the wild

Cause that's how I'm styled
The wizard of rhyme, my symbol is AU
And lame is turned gold so watch me shine through

A new zoo review coming right at you
And you and you, Kim is coming through
I grow on cause my strength is that of two

If rhyme's a boat, the beat must be my crew
A mental ingredient, all of which is alarming
Not harming, better said disarming

As I disarm you, I neutralize your weaponry
To make you more appropriate to deal with me
And then I give you one to grow on

[Haas G.]
Gorw on this when you're feeling kinda small

Grow on this to get through life all
Grow on this to have fun for the creator
Grew and grew, and when the time came play the

Old flow now I'm wicked to the port of authority
You and I versus the majority
Here's what we're looking at, here

At the count of three let's hear the UMC cheer

1, 2, 3...UMC's is the new way of being!

[Kool Kim]
Grow on this to make you life seem great

Grow on this to take control of your fate
Grow on this until you finally understand
You done grew and to the boys you the man

Sit beside the shoreline and think about your woes
Read the whips and way, identify your foes
The realize the sense of this existance

There's great resistance to the minds that mix this
Yes I've made things no one would get them on the down low
Cause it's obviopus before I made the show

That I rule on three planes of reality
Universally, mystically, conceptually
Then in due time, you may find

That I'm living in the world of my desing
And I gave you one to grow on

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