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UMC'S lyrics : "Jive Talk"

[Haas G]
Just to get a girl, is how it all got started
Compulsive in the area of lies cause one

Beings being adored by all, not the right call
From the outside, you know, the death or the blow
I got a million in the bank and it's all mine

A third of it invested in salt mines
Material wealth may be the least in a girl's eyes
Searching for a man with charisma

(Praising for the less complex baby)
Dig it, you're bound to get dissed by the sister
Go with the intention of a pure heart, follow me now

When I say this way you must walk with your own jive talk

[Kool Kim]

[sings] Ain't nobody bad like me - Ain't that the way it all started, G?
You said "Men call me He-man, some call me Super"
Robocop and stop the Super Trooper

I'm @@#! diesel, I can bench more than you ever heard, word?
Now in this time I just sit and write my rhymes
You want mine by many tales of petty crime

Prison fights the way you claim you earned your props
Nuff fights in alleyways and stolen many cops
But it doesn't stop, so I just sit and write my rhymes

The Island is small, so your fame is in no time
(But woops, here comes a crazy from the other side of town)
He heard you had a name, now he's been asking around

He figured he'd get some clout and take you out
He got the clout, a one punch knock out
Still I sit, my rhymes I write, you lost your rep, you lost your fight, aiight

To me it's a miracle you're still alive and
Get the head kid, and stop jiving

[Haas G]
I'm in a video (Sure) I'm in a video (Word!)
Flip to BET and you can see me boogie

Cause it's the jive talk from a kid named Fred
Not to the whole crew, Fred is really really dead
So indulge in my treats for the day to motivate ya

Positively just to move you in the right way
No more lies, no more deciet
Now isn't this a grandaddy fully loaded sweet

Treat from the UMC posse, listen and learn
It takes one to start a fire and you'll burn

[Kool Kim]
So if I'm albe, I avoid the fables
Shiftless shenanigans and I the type con stable

And my label keep me flowing faster
Single truth spoken from the sanctified master
Preachers, reverends, ministers, pastors

Small-time con men make big-time disasters
And aye aye aye boy, I'm tired of your lying
Me-oh-my-oh, and still you keep on trying

There's nothing true about this song, so I'm asking you to quit
Life's legit, the puzzle pieces fit
So sit in piece, I'm tight with rhymes that's written more to write

It's alright, you excite when I'm okay
I never gave my way to the games that truth can play
So what I'm saying or what I mean to say

Is that the rivers run deep and wash your jive talk away
Stop jiving

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