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UMC'S lyrics : "Any Way The Wind Blows"

[Verse 1:]
Well it came to my attention, many had slept on the U
(Even so, show 'em that you kept on and grew)

Yeah I did, this is from a flow and yes a master
Wu-Tang blower on the board
You pass the microphone to the UMC Hasi'

And leave me with no other choice (and what)
So I flow it for the posse (right)
That would include, the Kunis and me

It surely includes, Prophet and Kwase
No doubt it includes, my little brother Krunch
RNS, Big Burn and Little Munch

Thrust from a place of almighty man U and scar
Any invader who would dare try invade the (shocker)
Cipher which is kept for self, meant to share with no one else

!@%(yze it, and you'll see why we say the
U man's the true man (exact) we shout it
From the highest mountaintop, so there, they can't stop

"Any way the wind blows... it's cool with me" [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Well now, you're solo and released a hurricane

So call me the wind that win (all hail) on a newfound plain
Of reality, this is the Prince and his talent G
Ability, the windswept plains of fertility

Mental, my menace is contagious
(Yes sober phrases in a manner which befits one so courageous)
I spark from the Isle' as a breeze

Bend to cosmic wind, it's Kim... begin

Up along the ground, we blow leaves

Go deep into the roots and then blow trees
(Question - who exactly were the ones who "Blue Cheese? ")
It was the Kool and me and I see the cheese freeze (Freeze~!)

Am I powerful? "Uh-huh"
Posess the skills the many lack? "Uh-huh"
Would you say somethin grand? "Uh-huh"

That'll blow many back? "Uh-huh"
Back into the year of 1989
When the UMC expressed the newly rated rhymes

As a result of flav', we played the game bound to blow
An entirely different new expression



"Do the breakdown... come on in" [x4]

[Verse 3:]

It starts as a rumble and a roar and soon
You quiver in fear of the doom, the boom of the typhoon
My tidal wave, my tidal thought wave that washes through

The multitudes, sits the birth of the first youth
Thirty cycles later came the second one
Two cents from afar and now become stars and sun

So watch as the Earth rotates a new time
Pushed and pulled, through a hurricane of rhymes
So let the wind blow, it's Kool with Kim

(Hour after hour 'til the tide comes in)
Then back to the nest of the first crew baskin
I fight with lyricals focused and past it's form

Beyond norm, I storm with the power
Then chill on the hill with a breeze of sunflower
Kim's the guy to win, the wind it blows

You hear my voice in the breeze and then it blows

[Chorus x2]

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