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ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S : Vibrato lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S lyrics : "Vibrato"

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
V-I-B-Rrrah-A-T-O, vibrato

V-I-B-Rrrah-A-T-O, vibrato

[Kool Keith:]

Give me twenty
A Mexican cat sold me the turtles
Pick up the greens and purples

Challenge me, your academic pants get hemmed up like Urkel's
Your eyes get tired from rappin against me with dark circles
You ever heard of Tommy Purple's, or Larry Woerfel's?

You don't know? You don't want it from Johnny Burko's
I'm the top, you the robin, and the pigeon
With the seed, you're all jerkles

I lean on your freckles, with the deckles
I get hype, I got the workles
You caught up with the herples

A new disease, you get the nerbles
Cause I'm


[Ced Gee:]

Get your system, get your system - yeah
Get your system ready
Ma get your system, get your system

Uhh, get your system ready
Now I ain't missed the game at all
But the game's missed me

Dawg it's been a long time son
Since you've been blessed, by a Ced 16
The vocab is still exquisite

Only a chosen few, know what I mean
Dawg I still spit fire
My words erupt like gasoline

No time to waste on chickens, in dirty jeans
With cheap hair weaves from Billie Jean's
Ma you ain't puttin disease in my spleen

I'm on a mission you see
Don't want you hang around me
Ma go work on yourself, go see a beautician mami

Then go, boost a bag, boost a dress
Boost some shoes, I might look at you
I might run up in you

I might splash you in the face, let you play with the jewels
But you best not chew, or I'ma slap you
Into Tuesday, when it's Sunday

You gon' think it's Monday, cause I'm

[Chorus x2]

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