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ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S : Chuck Chillout lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S lyrics : "Chuck Chillout"

[Ced Gee]
Yo this next joint is dedicated

to this old school DJ we know, Chuck Chillout
Peep it

[KK] Yeah

[Chorus: Kool Keith]

Chuck Chucky, Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chucky, Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chucky, Chuck Chillout

Chuck Chucky, Chuck Chillout

[Kool Keith]

As I freak with that hyper dope I'm with Chuck, fuller trunk
off my style get sexy, the phantom with the spunk
Kickin one-oh-seven, the point five gettin liver

like a redneck truck, he'll be the tractor trailer driver
Pushin my low-down, I'm headed up the turnpike
In Madison Square Garden, Boogieman to Burmite

No rapper out there, in groups can compare
I take they baldhead girlfriends, and give 'em all some hair
Respect is due, not tryin to be so Jamaican

United States immigant, your first black President
Intelligent Chill, like rock'em sock'em robots
MC's get played, just like a Slinky and a Go-bot

I know they styles are weak, I flush 'em down like doo doo
They just that brown stuff, floatin in the baby's boo boo
I run this game, you suckers know my name

Great walls of fire! I roast you in the flames
I'm Kool Keith, my thing is long and pure beef
Signin off, check it out the master

Comin with that great stuff like, Beetle Bailey


[Ced Gee]
It's the super, producer, coming out crazy

When I grab a mic, I could never rock lazy
I went downtown, and I had this girl named Maisy
I came back uptown, did a show and got loot

I got paid with foodstamps, quarter fifty cent juice
I wiped off the sweat, cause I never ever let
I wiped off the sweat, cause I never ever let

a roachy thing like that, get me on the low
Instead I write up rhymes, I come out with the flow
It comes out kind of hyped, now people don't be scared

If you're poor I got sympathy, here's some welfare
A wick wick wicky, check I'm gettin sticky
My foodstamps are so late, I had to watch the Ricky

Lake, show, get deep into the topic
Make up my own subject, turn on the radio
Listen to the man, you know

[Chorus x1.75]

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