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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S : Ya Nobody lyrics

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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "Ya Nobody"

[Ced Gee]
Aiyyo Keith, you know what I was thinkin about?
You know how we go to those parties, and the whack rappers

who got a lil' hot record tryin to act like they don't know us
Ya, y'know the, the fake ones, who try to
They imitatin LL Cool J one month, then this month they Africans

Or they wear a lot of polka dots cause they think it's commercial
Or they sing a lot in their records - what'chu think about that?

[Kool Keith]
A lot of rappers can't talk - they're quite stupid
They rhyme and they stutter - they're quite Cupid

But I know the deal, they only rhyme on a slow beat
Some lookin for slack and bustin rhymes with no heat
Soft as Cottonelle and rolls of Scott tissue

They wanna be down, it's time to bust the issue
Now you think you're hard, with 57 bodyguards
Runnin around, lookin bummy and extra

Cause you think the people, wanna move and get next ta
You're paranoid, about your gangster fantasy
Now look at the swift pro and face reality

So watch your back end, you slip and you're slackin
See I don't talk to the weak and the whack and
MC's step back and, I damage they industry

Then play like a fool, like you never did notice me
Now hop on the jock and, now see who's rockin
Don't give me no pound, cause you ain't down

Clown... you're nobody, tryin to act like you're large

[Ced Gee]

You're nobody, nobody, you're nobody, nobody
You're nobody, nobody, you're nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody

Just nothing, you're a piece of %#@!... you're nobody

My record is fly, your record's a big flop

Now in this new year, it's time for a real drop
As I take a picture, great pose and black beat
With Keith in the limo, countin cash in the back seat

You did a cheap show, no cash in Birmingham
And while you was gone, we signed a new deal with Polygram
But you don't think so, you're probably jealous man

You know that we're dope, but you're scared to just tell us man
Cause you like that happy stuff, the two-faced DJ
You'll soon lose your job, with the records that you play

Got a little juice at a New York station
So what you don't play me? I'm on heavy rotation
Across America, in funk formation

Around the world and, with heavy persuasion
The man at hand to grand the stand in total command
- and plus I must say damn

Well some of you groups play, like you're with the people
Like we're united, we're all equal
But when people see, you try to act like DeBarge

But you're nobody, tryin to act like you're large

Yeahhh, you're nobody, nobody

You're nobody, nobody, you're nobody, nobody
You're nobody, nobody, you're nobody, nothing
You're nobody, nobody, you're nothing, diarrhea

[Kool Keith]
You got these African rappers who try to act like they African

They're playin themselves and dressin up like they African
But I'm in New York, chillin hard on the city street
Where crime and drug wars, my bouts in city be

While you be a fool, you think it's worse than Africa?
Like Ice Cube said, I gotta giggle and laugh at ya
So what are you doin, so what are you sayin?

So what are you gettin it, so why are you playin?
Cause you just a phony plus, the Queen don't impress me
Preachers and teachers, rebel ones come test me

While you catch amenesia, and go into seizure
I treat you like pinball, and show you I played ya
Out of the box like a old pair of socks and

Choose to go when, now see who's flowin
Keepin in step the rep the pep for those who slept
Yep, I'm not a new jack swing man
So groups that perpetrate, they can't even sing man
Drivin around, owin cash on a Benzo

Your payments are due, your car is not even paid for
... you're nobody, tryin to act like you're large

[Ced Gee]
Yo yeah that 'bout some that up Keith man

Just just y'know what we gon' do we gon' keep on schoolin
these fake rappers, try to make these brothers real y'knahmsayin?

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