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ULTRAMAGNETIC M.C.S lyrics : "We Are The Horsemen"

As we search for black people and white people
seeking the world of the four [email protected]&( facing
John, Henry, the robot, Dr. Smith, and Will Robinson

Come in please - on track for the remix

[Kool Keith]

Adjusting our systems the [email protected]&( are ready to go
Our jets, should be ready for take off, any second


I probe for evidence, movin, positive beams

Incite the first gadget, my atom explodes
Just hit the fifth planet, the X reload
Take a brother on a flight for the Alpha, Omega

I kick lyrics on Earth, you think I'm cosmic
A spacewalker, dippin in my spacecraft
Through molecules, a steel wall interphase

The Fourth Horseman, legendary universe
Dark shadow human rhymin on a funky verse
I'm level 7, Optimus pull back

Feeding the world of gamma data, to locate
You interlock, power 7 warp speed
Negative charge, biochemically crush

My own nucleus bomb, the great Menudo
Yo Wolverine I'm down, Cyclops, Rhythm X
X we can back up The Four [email protected]&(

Toronto Blue Jays, field, just like Dave Winfield
Pick up your bat and go to third
I see that man at the plate, he's waitin home

We are the [email protected]&( - ENTER YOUR SPACESHIP! [x3]
We are the [email protected]&( - ENTER!

While, returning back to my spaceship
on my galactic horse, this is what happened..

[Ced Gee]
I get super bionic

No my name's not Mantronix, but I'm 4-H-M
Kickin flavor so steadily, so wickedy wicked
Can I switchedy switch it, I saw my troops last night

They said, "Ced could you kick it?"
I got mega in concert
Then I wrote a deposit, I hit my mega-mini

Zoom back to outer space, ten nine EIGHT seven six
five four three - the chain reaction
triggered the mad flows, then the rhymin got hyper

Plus I knew what they like-a, so I ripped it and rock it
Frequencies in the pocket, one blast two blast
Yes approximate, green in the chambers

The lights came on, infrared and exciting
Most don't know what I'm saying, galactic come beams
beams beams beams beams beams beams

beams beams beams...
Now it's classic the atom, no I don't mean The Phantom
Molecules in the mix, with lots of protons to hand them

Plus I'm billin the workers, secret charts led to Persia
When they're reachin their pick-up, I'ma crossover bezerker
We turn to the galaxy, the universe bothers me

From the Wild Wild West, I have a spaceship mentality
When I chill at the planet, magnesium flip
So I shake up the myolex, so what's left?

We are the [email protected]&( - ENTER YOUR SPACESHIP! [x5]

Yee-hah, ride em Silver, we out!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, check it out, yeah..

Jimmy Cliff Down with the [email protected]&(
Ron Bordett Down with the [email protected]&(
Doc Doc Down with the [email protected]&(

Kevvy Kev Down with the [email protected]&(
Kleptor Down with the [email protected]&(
Drew Love Down with the [email protected]&(

Old Maid Down with the [email protected]&(
Chuck Beats Down with the [email protected]&(
Jazz Down with the [email protected]&(
Kevvy Kev Down with the [email protected]&(
Cut Cut Down with the [email protected]&(

The whole world Down with the [email protected]&(
All the honies Down with the [email protected]&(
And we're out (yeahhhh) check it out

We are the [email protected]&( - ENTER YOUR SPACESHIP! [x7]

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